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C betting poker texas ferndale house commission for betting

C betting poker texas

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Best site for new players and beginners with a small bankroll.

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C betting poker texas If the bulk of it nails the flop, you're best off forgoing the continuation bet. Thus not giving out information unnecessarily. Take in to consideration reads on your opponents. These are strong hands that can comfortably bet the flop, turn and river for value on most run outs. One of the hardest things to master in poker, yet a critical one. Even when he does, you will likely get some money in no matter what runout comes, so you are winning much more by checking compared to continuation betting here. Get a FREE book!
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C betting poker texas Related articles. There is no good answer to the question of what prosyndicate csgo betting a good cbetting percentage. Best Poker Training Sites Online. In position players get to play looser, bet more frequently and ultimately win more pots than an out of position player can. After all you're hoping he will fold, so continuation betting boards he'll likely call is just giving money away. Similarly, when cbetting multiway, you should be very selective in the hands that you choose. When out of position, you need to be more conservative with your c-bet range in order to protect your check range, which will be required to effectively defend against bets from your opponent.


The best flops to continuation bet are ones that are likely to have helped your hand. When you raise before the flop your opponent is likely to put you on big cards. When the big cards come on the flop your bet will often win you the pot. Boards with aces or kings on them always make great continuation-bet situations because most opponents are going to think that they hit the pre-flop raiser.

Also, flops that are unlikely to have helped your opponent make for great c-betting. That means in that case, he'll be more than willing to give up when you c-bet. When you find yourself heads-up on the flop after raising you should be continuation betting a high percentage of the time. Your single opponent will miss the flop completely so often, you should be continuation betting all but the most dangerous boards. Since a continuation bet is really just a small bluff, you want to be economical with your bet sizing.

You want to bet enough to get your opponent to fold. But you don't want to risk unnecessary chips those times that you do get called. Also, you have to risk becoming too predictable. Both your continuation bets and your value bets should be of similar size. If you bet less when you c-bet and more when you value bet, good opponents are going to catch on. So you should:. A bet of two-thirds the pot flop bet is a good standard to have.

It's economical, as it will be more than enough to collect the dead money. And it will also be enough to start building the pot those times you do have a real hand. Thus not giving out information unnecessarily. The upsides of the c-bet are obvious: you take advantage of the initiative you gained by raising before the flop and carry it over to the flop with another bet.

Often, you'll win the pot without a fight - making the continuation bet a great tool in a poker player's arsenal. However, you'll start running into problems when you automatically c-bet every single time you raise before the flop. Yes, continuation betting is profitable. But not when you do it every single time. There needs to be a middle ground or else you become predictable and, ultimately, exploitable. So when should you not continuation bet? There are, of course, bad flops to continuation bet.

When the flop is likely to have helped your opponent or gives him a reason for calling, you should often skip the c-bet. After all you're hoping he will fold, so continuation betting boards he'll likely call is just giving money away. You can never know for sure which boards help your opponent and which don't. It's an educated guessing game: you have to think about what your opponent is likely to have called with and the likelihood that he will stick around.

If either of those are high, then don't bet. If the flop comes down rich with draws you're better off checking than betting. There are so many hands that your opponent could be calling with before the flop that hit this flop, and you're going to get called or raised so often, you're better off just checking.

Also, if you find yourself against multiple opponents you should be less and less likely to c-bet. Again, c-bets are meant to pick up the dead money without any trouble. The more people see the flop, the greater the chance someone will want to see a turn. If you raise before the flop and are then called by multiple opponents, your continuation bet will rarely, if ever, work. The more players in the pot, the greater the chance you'll be called in one or more spot s. A continuation bet, by definition, is a mini-bluff using the fold equity you've gained by being the pre-flop raiser.

With more players in the pot, your fold equity diminishes and you will be called more often. When there is a high likelihood of you being called, you're better off betting made hands than making bluffs. For the reasons discussed above, when you find yourself up against calling stations you should frequently be c-betting less. As the old adage goes, you can't bluff a calling station.

That isn't to say you should give it up completely. You need to take your particular opponent into consideration before deciding your optimal play. If your calling-station opponent is likely to peel the flop lightly, but frequently fold to a turn bet, then absolutely. Keep continuation betting the flop. Just be ready to fire another barrel on the turn! These are some of the most profitable players to play against.

Calling stations love to call, so let them. But bet a higher mix of your good hands and keep your bluffs and continuation bets to a minimum. Some flops are better than others for continuation bets. If your opponents hit the flop, they're more likely to call. While you can have a lot of fun firing some games in the Casoola casino , making decisions in poker requires more thinking, and answering these simple questions will help you understand if making a continuation bet is a better option than checking.

The same thought process goes for checking as well. You need to understand the reason behind the play and what you are trying to achieve. Apart from the times when you are just giving up with the hand due to the bad board or unfavorable situation, you should know why checking is better than a c bet, and only then make the play. To illustrate what I mean, I will take an extreme example to make it very clear. BB is going to check his entire range, and you face a decision to c-bet or to check.

Another significant benefit from checking these strong hands in poker is that you can also check some total air and bluff it later on because you will have some value holdings to go along with it. It is just one example, how you can break down different boards and run-outs to make optimal decisions quickly. Remember that every single scenario could be analyzed similarly, and understanding what you can reach with a continuation bet or by checking will help you to improve a lot.

Your c-bet strategies will vary on different board textures, and it should be the most important factor, which you take into consideration while making the decision. Well, not as much the board itself, but how your whole range hits the board and who has the advantage.

As a rule of thumb, you will be c-betting more on dry boards because it will likely miss the caller's range, and have to bet less on connected ones because your opponent is much more likely to have a piece of that and call or even check-raise as a bluff. To achieve the best results, you should be thinking in terms of ranges or, more specifically, in terms of the range advantage. At the same time, the BB player has quite a few hands that will interact well with this particular texture.

So, you do not have range advantage here, as your opponent could have way more made hands like sets, two pairs, or even a straight. By the same virtue, if the flop were to come Ah Qs 8d, you would have a significant range advantage.

However, understanding the overall principle of the range advantage is very important when deciding whether to c-bet and when defending against a c-bet. You should spend some time analyzing different boards to build a good understanding of which spots favors your range and when you should c-betting and barreling as a bluff more often.

Your c-bet ranges need to change based on that, and you need to play it a bit differently, to take max EV lines. If you have a position on your opponent, it is much easier to realize your equity with the hand, and you are guaranteed to see the turn if you check back. While OOP, if you check, you could be facing a bet on the flop, turn and river from your opponent and have one more street to bluff catch, which makes your life much harder. Therefore, you need to check stronger hands OOP instead of making a continuation bet with all of them.

Otherwise, it will be tough to defend against aggressive opponents, and people tend to bluff a lot versus missed c-bet. When you are out of position, your c-bet range should be much smaller, and as we said before, you should check many reasonable strong hands to protect your holdings and have a chance to bluff catch. In this case, you will be able to call one or two bets but will have to fold on the river in most cases making you very vulnerable against any thinking opponent.

It is a vital part, and checking stronger hands is not enough. You need to understand how to deal when facing aggression, which hands to check-raise and when it is better to bluff catch by just calling. However, you still need to have certain strategies, especially against thinking players who will take advantage of your tendencies. Although your hand is very strong, you want to start building the pot and getting the value on the flop as later streets can bring cards that will make it harder for you to bet or for your opponent to call.

Instead, you can balance between betting and checking with different plans for different turn cards. Finally, this is an example of a hand PokerSnowie suggests to give up. Checking back and hoping to get a good card on the turn or go to a free showdown is the best course of action.

Unimproved, you should be looking to fold to any aggression from your opponent. These are just a few examples from the countless pool of possibilities. However, these should give you a pretty good idea of the baseline thinking you should adhere to when considering whether to c-bet or not when you are in position. Your general approach when out of position will be to play tighter. In this scenario, you have a very good hand — top pair with the second kicker.

It may seem like a risky move as they can check back and get a free card, but having such hands in your checking range is vital for several reasons. One of the hardest things to master in poker, yet a critical one. It is close to impossible to analyze all of the different scenarios and possibilities in a single article. Therefore, you should look at some professional training sites like Upswing poker lab or Pokercoaching to deepen your understanding.

However, it is essential to understand at least the most crucial points not to make huge mistakes when continuation betting. Let us divide all the boards into two parts to make it as simple as possible — dry and connected ones. When you choose to c-bet on a dry board, you should never bet more than half of the pot and could go with even smaller sizing in most cases. The reason is simple; you will achieve the same results with a small sizing.

However, on connected boards, everything is the contrary, and you do not want to bet small and give your opponent correct odds to call with his draws to outdraw you. Therefore, you should be betting at least two-thirds of the pot when you choose to c-bet and putting your opponent to the test. Distinguishing bet sizing based on board texture is crucial, and if you do not know how to implement advanced techniques live over betting or under betting to manipulate your opponent range, stick to the above-mentioned continuation bet strategies, and you will be up for the good start.

Here, PokerSnowie suggests firing a continuation bet of the size of the pot. So, you want to bet big to protect your holding and put pressure on any draw they might have. It is not a scenario where you want to get tricky by checking back or betting small.

While a big bet on the flop will polarize your hand, this is the best play you have. On the dry board, PokerSnowie opts to bet most of the time with a smaller sizing. As previously mentioned, this gives a lot of benefits for you and forces your opponent to continue with a wider range full of weak holdings. This is simply the matter of maximizing your EV with the entire range. In this scenario, Snowie prefers checking back as the standard line. However, if you were to fire a continuation bet, making it about half the pot is the best sizing.

While there is no simple strategy guide that will tell you how to size your c-bets in every possible scenario, these general tips and examples should give you a pretty good idea. As you see, there is a ton of information, which you need to take into consideration before making a c-bet.

To make things easier, you can follow a simple system to make educated decisions. I am talking about hand grouping. It enables you to put hands into different groups and quickly know either you should be c-betting or checking. You can find more about it along with strategies for different boards, tips on how to adjust vs. Whichever option you choose, keep working on your game, and you will learn how to make educated decisions and win more! More info! Free Poker Cheat Sheets.

Best Poker Software List.

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A continuation bet, or simply put a c-bet, is a bet made by the last preflop aggressor. It is named this way because the player who decided to take the initiative preflop has continued seizing the initiative on the following street. The largest advantage of playing in position is the extra information available to us when making post-flop decisions.

Given that the out of position player chose to just call pre-flop, the in position aggressor has a stronger range. This range advantage carries over to the flop on almost all board textures. For all intents and purposes, this range advantage carries over to all board textures.

For these reasons, we can value bet and bluff on the flop more aggressively and at a higher frequency when in position. There are exceptions on certain flop textures…. Some examples of flop textures where the out of position player retains a relatively big advantage are:. On these boards, Hero has more strong hands in their range than the in position player, and thus can bet with a relatively wide range usually with a small continuation bet sizing. That said, an overwhelming number of boards and situations call for a conservative approach.

Learn more about The Poker Lab training course by clicking here or below. Assume we open-raise from the Cutoff with the The Poker Lab recommended range:. The pink hands can be either a raise or a fold depending on the tendencies of your opponents. After open-raising the cutoff, the player in the big blind calls and we go heads-up to a flop of:.

These are strong hands that can comfortably bet the flop, turn and river for value on most run outs. Checking back with marginal hands is almost always the way to go. Keeping some borderline hands in this range, such as JT, is an effective way to balance and protect our check back range. We balance out our Category 1 strong hands with bluffs or semi-bluffs, if you prefer like these.

Straight draws, such as 87 or J7, are the obviously good candidates to bluff with on this board. Beyond the obvious, hands with multiple backdoor draws also fit well into this range such as 65s or K7s. Aside from high cards, be careful of coordinated boards that favor straight and flush draws. Suppose you raise with and get called by the button and the blinds. The flop comes :. This is not a good spot to c-bet. You missed your high cards and flush potential and one of your opponents could have easily connected with such a flop.

If checked to, then check and hope you get a free look at the turn. If you bet and then get raised by the button or check-raised by one of the blinds, you would have to fold, so see if you can hit your draw on the turn. If you were facing more than one opponent then it would also be a good time to make a continuation bet, unlike the previous example.

You can also make a continuation bet when you flop a very strong hand, such a set. If you regularly make continuation bets when you whiff on the flop, you should also bet when you make a strong hand too — so as not to arouse suspicions. Your intention in poker is to manipulate your opponents and one advantage of frequently c-betting is that you will give your good hands some cover and disguise.

Many factors should contribute to your decision including: opponent playing tendencies , stack sizes and your own table image. You need to balance your bet size for two reasons. Therefore your continuation bets should be the same size as any other post-flop betting and conventional wisdom seems to favor a bet size of at least half the pot.

To bet less extends better calling odds to your opponent and to bet more becomes too costly when you run into an opponent that actually has a hand. While it is true that knowledge of how you believe your opponents will react is a universal poker criteria to successful play, when betting into an opponent with nothing, it is good to know how tight or loose he may tend to play. In addition, just as you are making a play so may be your opponent.

Is he savvy enough to be floating you? This is a play in which your opponent may suspect you are continuation betting so he just flat calls expecting you to check on the turn. If you do check after he calls your continuation bet, his intention is to seize upon your apparent weakness and bet to steal the pot. The factors outlined above are the major criteria one should evaluate to determine the wisdom of making a continuation bet. If you know your opponent is knowledgeable regarding drawing odds, this becomes a positive to offering him poor odds to a possible draw.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, always be observant of your opponents in order to improve your decision making. Is he aggressive and loose or timid and tight or where in that range does he dwell? You know many players love to see a flop and then feel compelled to fire a continuation bet to end the action.