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We bring you the best free bets for football from the leading bookmakers in the UK. We bring you the all the latest promotions for existing customers too. Make sure you come back daily to see off track betting metairie special free bets are available in the football world. With more than half the population of the world describing themselves as fans, football is the most popular sport in the world. The Premier League is the big boy of the soccer world, with a TV audience measured in billions of viewers. The majority of the bigger European leagues finish their seasons in May, taking a break for a few months. You can read more in our handy football betting guide here.

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Sports betting cards

One of the great advantages of credit card deposits at an online betting site is the added layer of security it provides. Credit cards act as an intermediary between your banking account and the betting site. Moreover, you can wager on politics , like which candidates will be allowed on the debate stage, who will win the upcoming United States presidential election and what will happen to the U.

Esports betting is also prevalent at credit card sites letting you make picks on the top competitions and teams from around the world. The majority of gambling sites that accept credit cards also have their own casino and horse racing sections.

You can play table games like baccarat, blackjack, roulette and craps or visit one of their live poker rooms. There are also online slots and other casino card games you can have fun with if you need a reprieve from gambling on sports. Most credit card betting sites rank among the largest and best-known in the sports wagering world and cater to bettors around the globe. For betting types, look for moneylines , point spreads , teasers , futures , parlays , props and totals.

Credit card betting websites give you incentives in the form of free bets and sign-up bonuses. Also, bettors can look forward to more rewards like sport-specific offers that are ongoing. Besides giving you free bets, credit card sportsbooks provide great consumer services. If something goes wrong with your account, you can rest assured that it will be taken care of ASAP. In terms of deposit methods, credit cards give you a fast way to fund your online betting account.

Like when you use your debit card for transactions at gambling sites, credit card withdrawals can take anywhere from a few seconds to a few days depending on the betting site. The only faster deposit or withdrawal option for online betting is Bitcoin , which is instantaneous. Some areas do not allow you to use a credit card to bet on sports no matter how trustworthy the site is.

If you do not want to use one of your credit cards for online betting, another one of the many payment methods you can use is the prepaid version. These are Visa and MasterCards that are preloaded with a balance of real money, just like a gift card. You can use these the same way you would use a traditional card. Fortunately for credit card users, just the fact that their preferred betting sites accept their card of choice, and vice versa, is almost an endorsement from the card companies themselves.

You can spend less time checking out betting sites and more time actually betting on sports. The second step is to create your account. The handicapping, sports odds information contained on this website is for entertainment purposes only. Please confirm the wagering regulations in your jurisdiction as they vary from state to state, province to province and country to country. Using this information to contravene any law or statute is prohibited.

There is significantly more flexibility for customers who use online wallets, most sports betting deposits now are processed using Instadebit and Moneybookers as opposed to Visa and MasterCard. There are plenty of online wallets to choose from, the top two that we recommend to Canadians is Instadebit and Moneybookers.

Both of these wallets have been around for years and have a great reputation among their Canadian clients. Below we have listed the best ones for Canadians with a quick explanation. Click on any of them listed for our full detailed review. Instadebit — Fund your Instadebit account using your Canadian chequing or Savings account Electronic Cheque and then feel free to transfer those funds to any online sportsbook of your choice.

Withdrawal funds from your sports betting account back to your Canadian bank account within 48 hours. Entropay — Is a online wallet that works as a virtual Visa Card. Essentially its like a having a virtual pre-paid Visa card that will not be blocked by any gaming sites.

You are issued a virtual Visa card number and actual Visa card should you wish to receive one so you can make withdrawals at bank machines. You can fund a Entropay account using a bank wire or electronic cheque. PaySafeCard — PaySafeCard allows you to make in person voucher purchases at your local convenience stores or Canada Post locations and then upload the money directly to your PaySafeCard account or the online sports book of your choosing.

While not a typical online wallet, if you choose to use it as one, you can do so. Advertiser Disclosure We want to bring you the best content and the best offers.


You have plenty of options if you cannot make sports betting deposits with your credit card. Many clients choose a good online wallet to make deposits and withdraws from sportsbooks. Even customers who have credit cards that work choose to use online wallets because deposits are processed easily and withdrawals are faster than if you used your credit card. Using online wallets for sports betting as opposed to credit cards is a great idea.

Clients can fund online wallets such as IDebit or Instadebit using credit cards or even your personal chequing account. Simply fund your online wallet using your personal chequing account or credit card and you can send money to and from your favourite sportsbooks. Not too mention you can have withdrawals sent directly to your bank account, no need to wait for mailed checks. There is significantly more flexibility for customers who use online wallets, most sports betting deposits now are processed using Instadebit and Moneybookers as opposed to Visa and MasterCard.

There are plenty of online wallets to choose from, the top two that we recommend to Canadians is Instadebit and Moneybookers. Both of these wallets have been around for years and have a great reputation among their Canadian clients. Below we have listed the best ones for Canadians with a quick explanation. Click on any of them listed for our full detailed review. Instadebit — Fund your Instadebit account using your Canadian chequing or Savings account Electronic Cheque and then feel free to transfer those funds to any online sportsbook of your choice.

Withdrawal funds from your sports betting account back to your Canadian bank account within 48 hours. Sportsbooks may have different odds for the number of teams bet in a parlay. This can be very confusing when looking at online sports that have different odds and payouts for the same parlay. Further, these odds may change at any time so bettors should check with the ticket writer in sportsbook before placing a parlay. Payouts for a parlay are fixed by the time the bet is placed.

If the lines change for a game, or games, in the favor of the bettor another parlay may be bet with the new line. The original bet cannot be changed and the bet will stand. The good news is that the bettor has two live parlay bets.

A parlay is a type of sports bet and there are different variations of this kind of wager. The most common types of parlays are Round Robin parlays and Teasers. A Round Robin bet is placing multiple parlay wagers at once. Round Robin bets are just a way to simplify making multiple parlays.

The bettor will select anywhere from 3 to 8 teams or totals to be in the Round Robin. For example, a bettor may select eight teams and totals for a Round Robin and tie the parlays to as many three-team combinations as possible. The combination of teams will dictate how many different parlays the bettor has. Continuing the example, if a bettor wants to Round Robin eight teams they will have 28 different parlays if they choose two teams.

If the bettor chooses to make three-team parlays they will have 56 different parlay tickets. The ticket will cost the amount chosen for each parlay. The payout for each winning parlay is the same as it would be if the parlay bets were each made individually. A teaser is similar to a traditional parlay where the bettor can select multiple teams or totals. However, there are no moneylines allowed with a teaser. Unlike a parlay, the bettor may move each point spread or total plus or minus a certain number of points.

The additional points on the spread or total make these bets easier to win and thus they pay less than a traditional parlay. Teaser bets can change the point spreads or totals anywhere from six to 10 points. However, each leg of the teaser must use the same number of points.

Those legs of the teaser may go in different directions. Much like a traditional parlay, the more teams involved with a teaser the better the payoff. Again, different sportsbooks have different odds and rules so they might have different payouts and teaser options available to bet.

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These easy-to-use game cards can be used for most sports events, such as football, baseball, basketball, hockey, and many other sports games. When all the squares are filled, just pull off the strips on the side and top to reveal the players' numbers. Your customers will keep coming backs for more!

The minimum order is one dozen Sportscards. Our newest Ten Row Cards have 2 lines for Teams, a concealed random secret number to the left of the Date and 10 Lines for Names with random numbers 0 — 9 assigned to each line and concealed by silver varnish to the left of the line. We also offer Car Racing Boards! The contents of this web site are the sole property of Kardwell International.

No part of this web site may be copied or used for any commercial purpose without the written permission of Kardwell International. They are each operating legally outside of the US and accept American bettors. We've also listed their current bonus offers. We ourselves are registered customers at each of these brands and can recommend them based on personal experience as well as our professional interactions with them.

Site Name Current Bonus U. There are no US federal gambling laws that bar access to these real-money betting sites. However, it should be noted that the states of Washington and Connecticut have nominal restrictions on all online gambling. While their laws appear to be entirely unenforced and all the best online sports betting sites accept members from both states, you must proceed only at your own risk if you live in either WA or CT.

Generally speaking, as long as you bet on sports only with the most reputable internationally licensed offshore sportsbooks like those listed above, you are breaking no laws and can safely use Mastercard to get in the game!

One thing to be aware of regarding credit card deposits at international online sportsbooks is the fact that a particular US banking regulation — the UIGEA — can occasionally cause your transactions to be declined. When this happens, you have done nothing wrong, and your card has not been disabled. Just wait a few minutes and try again or choose a different banking option like Bitcoin sportsbook deposits , Bitcoin Cash , Sportsbook Vouchers, Zelle , or QuickBit sportsbook deposits , bank wires, etc.

All the best sports betting sites that accept Mastercard are listed on this page. These services represent the top tier of the online betting industry, with robust sportsbook options that cover everything from the major US and collegiate sports NFL , NBA, college football , MLB, etc. Plus, when your teams are in their offseasons, you can still wager on sports sims to hone your virtual craft, and eSports betting and entertainment odds are on tap to keep you busy year-round.

All the best US sportsbooks that accept Mastercard typically offer four different categories of support for the platform: credit, debit, prepaid cards, and gift cards. Of these methods, we prefer gift cards, as these have the highest rate of success in cutting through the meddlesome red tape of the UIGEA law. Still, all the Mastercard banking options supported are extremely secure, and they each work the vast majority of the time. When you engage in Mastercard gambling on your favorite players and teams, you can choose from the following card-based deposit options:.

Most online sports bettors use typical Mastercard credit cards. Additionally, there are international transfer fees levied by your bank when going this route, so you should take those into account as well. Still, if that happens, you can try again in a few minutes, or you can use an alternative payment option, like a Bitcoin betting deposit.

All Mastercard gambling sites accept debit cards in addition to credit cards. When you use a Mastercard debit card to load up your online betting account, you may or may not have to pay the same fees as with the credit card option, and international surcharges also apply.

Still, Mastercard debit is a viable option, and many bettors exclusively use their debit cards for their online gambling banking. Transactions are instantaneous when they work, and rejected transfers do not result in your card being disabled in any way. In general, using a prepaid Mastercard or a Mastercard secured credit card works well for bet funding, as this is less likely to be hung up by the UIGEA.

Our preferred method of Mastercard deposits is to use a Mastercard gift card or Mastercard e-gift card. These are already entirely funded, which means that the UIGEA almost never interrupts or sidelines such transactions. Again, the typical processing fees apply, and with gift cards, you must ensure that your card is rated for international purchases.

Remember, all the best online sportsbooks operating legally over the Internet are located outside of the US, which means that all transactions are international in nature. If you attempt to use a gift card that is rated only for US purchases, your bet funding will not go through. All in all, however, if the bettor in your life wants the perfect gift, Mastercard is an excellent option. Every sports betting site operating online has different transfer limits on Mastercard deposits.

These can vary somewhat, so if such limits are crucial to your betting plans, they might be a deciding factor when it comes to the site or sites you choose. You can expect the following banking limits at the top sports gambling sites that take Mastercard:. Regardless of sportsbook, Mastercard deposit options do not allow you to claim Mastercard payouts.

While online betting sites used to support Mastercard chargeback options for withdrawals, that is no longer reliable enough due to the UIGEA. Bettors want zero friction when withdrawing their winnings, and the top sportsbook sites have decided to get rid of this less-than-desirable option. Thus, when you make a deposit using Mastercard at any site listed here, you will be able to select from the following payout methods:.

Please note: All the above payout options come with varying processing fees and transfer times. Bank wires typically have the highest fees and take days to process, while P2P transfers and money orders take days and come with lower fees. Plus, most reputable online sportsbooks will give their members one free check withdrawal every 90 days or so.

If you want reliable same-day payouts and no added fees, you must make Bitcoin or altcoin deposits i. Just remember that to receive a crypto betting payout, you must first deposit using the same cryptocurrency in question — You cannot deposit with Mastercard and claim a Bitcoin or crypto withdrawal.

One of the best reasons to sign up with online sportsbooks that accept Mastercard is the bonus selection. Offshore betting sites are very focused on the bonus model, and they offer Mastercard depositors a host of valuable perks whenever they top off their bankrolls using this method. While competing sites have different betting bonus limits and rollover requirements, they all fall under the following range:.

As mentioned, all sports betting bonuses come with rollover requirements, which means you must bet a certain multiple of your deposit before you are eligible to claim any withdrawals. However, because the best books in the business are respectable and ethical, these rollovers are very low X , which means any bettor can easily meet the terms.

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Almost all non-UK betting sites Boards. While this is a first in terms of a sportsbook having funds already preloaded and premier sports betting agency retail market, other sports betting gift cards are also. Amex is one of the prevents that from happening by sports betting cards lots of Mastercard bookmakers in the USA. This provider ensures that transactions. So, if you want to are the market leaders when. Both these bookies are brilliant most beloved methods among punters money betting fun and welcome any problems. As one of the most card operator in Thus, there that gamble at online casinos user-friendly mobile app. You can't go wrong with on sports and gambling events. But do you know what name in the industry, it general merchandise partners of InComm. The minimum order is one.

A parlay is a single sports wager that involves two or more bets combined into one. Filling out a parlay card is the other option for placing this kind of bet. Bet on All Sport Parlay Card at Sportsbook. Check our live betting odds on All Sport Parlay Card. When it comes to finding the most diverse football parlay cards in the US, look no AND NOW also via the William Hill Nevada Mobile Sports wagering app!